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RTD Energy & Power is solar technology current and innovative. Because our technical resources and expertise excel from the ordinary, we can design solutions that can integrate the most current technologies to fit and address unique requirements, environment, and challenges.

We deliver high quality workmanship at very competitive pricing. We encourage you to take advantage of global progress and changes in the solar industry that is very favorable in the market today.

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  • Site Evaluation

  • Assessment and Data Analysis

  • Engineering and Design

  • Energy Proposal

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

Every project is different, from the load requirements to the orientation of roof (or area) where your system will be placed. Our systems are custom designed to fit your needs. 

Pre-packaged systems are also available. Inquire for info!


Site Visit and Evaluation

RTD Energy & Power conducts on-site visits to collect the most accurate information and data for your project. 


Assessment and Data Analysis

The information gathered from our site visit is analyzed and used to calculate the most efficient solution for your needs. 

Engineering and Design

Our team of engineers have been in the business for years. Prior to venturing into the solar industry, most of our engineers are certified and graduates of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We will design and blueprint your system according to the highest standards, safety, efficiency, and reliability. 

Energy Proposal

Using the information from our site visit, data analysis, and engineering, RTD Energy & Power will provide you an energy consultation to review your proposed system. Our consultation also outlines the costs, projected system output, and the financial benefits of your renewable energy system!

One of the greatest benefits of solar thermal is that the average return on investment (ROI) is usually less than 2 years! 

The most common ROI rate for solar pv is 5 years! 


Our team of technicians are managed and trained by experienced solar industry professionals. Installation of your system will be performed at the highest standards and safety.  


RTD Energy & Power will provide you the support you need to ensure that your system continues to perform at the highest level. Most of our solar panels also include a manufacturer's warranty of up to 20 years.