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Water Heating, Water Pumps, Electric Applications

RTD Energy & Power is a Project Developer, Installer, and Consultants for the application of solar energy solutions. Our area of expertise are solar hot water systems, solar water pumps, and solar power systems.

Our primary market is overseas in Asia-Pacific, particularily the Philippines.

As a project developer and installer, we plan, design, and install solar hot water (thermal) and water pump systems for commercial-industrial and residential use. We also deploy solar technology to generate alternative electric power for various applications.

As consultants in solar technology, we help assess if solar and its implementation will be applicable and beneficial for you. We will deliver to you the perspective and plans for solar systems that will fit your energy requirements and conditions.

We engage in the full life cycle of solar energy projects. Our services include Site Evaluation and Energy Consultation, Project Study, Initiation, Technical Assessment, Engineering and Design, Materials/Equipment Sourcing, Installation, and Maintenance.

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(above) RTD installation in Palawan, Philippines

With our satellite office located in Washington State our organization consists of solar industry principals, business partners, and fully certified practitioners from the USA.

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Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Consultation Services

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Commercial and Residential DHW

 (Domestic Hot Water) 

Boiler Pre-Heating

Hotels, Resorts, Community/Staff Housing

Pools, Spas, Restaurants

Absorption Chillers

Water Wells


Irrigation Systems

Farming and Agriculture

Fountains, Lakes, Ponds

Find out if solar is right for you!!

We provide consulting and assessment services for solar thermal systems, solar pumps, and various solar pv applications. Systems are custom designed to fit your needs and requirements.



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ALL of our products are SRCC Rated and Certified

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